Orlando Neuropsychology - Serving The Community with Care
Counseling Service
Counseling services are provided for all ages.
Counseling services for toddlers and children under age 14 involves Parent Training.  Parent Training involves assisting the parents in developing behavioral interventions which are implemented in the home to address oppositional behavior, attention deficit, and behavioral disorder. 
Individual counseling services are available for adolescents and adults coping with depression, anxiety, or adjustment to health complications and disability.  Cognitive-behavioral counseling services involve assisting the patient in identifying and addressing problematic and distorted thoughts which may impact mood, as well as developing behavioral interventions to promote improved mental health.  Systematic desensitization and relaxation training is utilized for anxiety disorder and PTSD, incorporating relaxation training and imagery to overcome physiological response to perceived stressors.
Geriatric counseling services are available to develop improved coping  skills for life's transitions, and adjustment to loss, decreased functioning, and disability.
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